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our satisfied customers (contacts available on request) - these databases are STILL in use too:

Ministry Of Defence - Defence Logistics Organisation (Bath) - (CITRA Db)
* Customer-Supplier Agreement (CSA) database rolled out to eleven management groups across the country, sending monthly downloaded info to HQ DLO.
* Post/People Mapping Database called DMIS then TESMIS as its potential was exploited and networded to the full. It was also restructured in 2005 for standalone distribution to 12 sub groups who send back their dat file for importation in to a master Db once a month.
* GFE Loans Integrated Management System (GLIMA) database for RAF Wyton.

Royal Air Force Brampton Wyton Henlow (Cambridgeshire)
* Networked Civilian Administration database (CARMA),
* Telephone Network/Directory database (TelDir),
* File Archive database (FAMA),
* Forms Order Receipts & Orders Tracking (FORIS);
* Mess Charges Database (EMMA) for creation of F6829B;
* Mess Accommodation Booking Management Aid (MAMBA),
* Telephone Charges Reporting Aid (ICRA);
* Mobiles, Pagers and Faxes Billing Aid (MobRA);
* IT Assets & Software Licence Management Aid (SITMA);
* IT Task Logging Aid (SITLA);
* Media Resource Centre Estimator & Task Tracking System (MRCETS),
* Library Loan Conrol Aid (HILDA),
* Radio Issue Management Aid (RADMA),
* Weapons Log and Issue Management Aid (WILMA),
* Supply Orders/Receipts Aid (SORA),
* Clothing Book Records (CLOBR),
* Facilities/Conference Centre Booking System (FaBoS)
* Web enabling their Telephone Directory for User Updates and Printing from Web
* Telephone/IT/Infrastructure Request Costings (RITA)
* Annual Support + SQL Administrator
In December 2005, the IT Department Head wrote:
"With regard to functionality, I have always found your Databases to do what they say on the tin. Moreover, your continued support and ability to make changes quickly, have at times been instrumental in allowing us to improve how we manage tasks and meet impossed deadlines and information requests from outside agencies. For the 5 years you have been under contact to us, I have found you to be nothing but professional, cheerful and always to go the extra mile for us as long term customers"

Cooper Lancaster Brewers Chartered Accountants (Aldwych, London) - CLARIS Db -
conversion of dBIII Client Document Archive. Was also extended to Manchester Office.

Perkins Engines (Peterborough) - SEARCH Db
Publications Production Progress database Linked to Project98.

John E Fell And Sons (Berkhamstead)
* Revision of their Access 97 Reporter database & conversion to A2k runtime with remote access for salesmen from their home PC's
* Fells Contacts Database - (FelCon) - enhanced and improved Mar 09
* Many Management Aids (Stock Check /BOM / FMR / FORA etc)
* Special Product (Gift-Pack) Management System (GAP)
* Budget Profiling Database (SPEND)
* Order Forecasting Datababse (FORA)
* Proposal Creator (SHELF)
* Sales Forecasting Database (TARGET)
* Web Forms sending emails and feeding on-line databases to allow remote users to communicate with Fells House (HQ) and Brand managers.
* Annual Support + Remote Access
In January 2006, after 7 Years association, Colin McKenzie, the CEO wrote:
" We have enjoyed a very productive and friendly relationship with McSoft over many years. During this time they have developed and maintained numerous complex databases for us. Without exception their work has always been of the highest professional standard, and they have never failed to provide what they promised, at a competitive price. Everyone in our organisation is aware of the huge contribution McSoft have played in providing us with accurate and timely information. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective client."

Sealed Air Ltd (Cryovac, St Neots, Cambs)
* Environmental Health Recording and reporting/e-mail database.
* Quote Creation and History Database (PAQA)
* Annual Support

Recruiting People Ltd (Huntingdon & Peterborough, Cambs)
* IRIS - Complete restructuring/recoding of Client/Candidate database with incorporation of latest techniques and facilities like Block Mailshots by Email (Bcc line created) or Labels. Now enhanced (Jun 04) for multi-office operations.
* Annual Support + Remote Access
In January 2006, Celine Pinter, the MD wrote:
To Whom it may concern,
"Recruiting People Ltd are a Recruitment consultancy based in Huntingdon and Peterborough. We first had dealings with the Director, David, when we uncovered problems with an existing database designed by another company. David not only repaired the current system, but designed a bespoke system that has increased functionality and impacted significantly on our business.
Our dealings with David have at all times been professional and I can call David a business partner to our company and friend to all of us.
I have no hesitation in referring other organization to his services."

OneCall Recruiting Agency (Peterborough) -
* OCRA - Complete restructuring/recoding of existing basic abd amateur Client/Candidate database with incorporation of latest techniques and facilities.
* Enhanced with CAPRI in 2005 to create payroll data (at a click) that previously took 3 ppl 3 days to do and latterly linked to Sage fro payroll automation.
Integrated into complete retail bespoke package for Labour Providers - name it LABour Management Information System - LABMIS (see
* Annual Support + Remote Access

Vital Recruitment (Peterborough)
* LabMIS - Labour Management Information System (see
* Annual Support + Remote Access

InterRecruit (Peterborouigh)
* LabMIS - Labour Management Information System (see
* Annual Support + Remote Access

Total Labour Solutions (Edinburgh)
* LabMIS - Labour Management Information System (see
* Annual Support + Remote Access

Premier Cru Ltd (Peterborough) -
* CID - Contact Information Database enhanced late 2004 to the delight of the customer.

Total Computing (St Ives Cambs)
* CID - Customer Information Database & Task Register
* System support for several McSoft customers using remote access

Malvern Township - Jamaica -
* Lending Library Database (MILD) - still recovering from Hurricane IVAN which obliterated Library - but MSUK will provide new PC and software FOC when needed.

DISC Chicksands (Bedfordshire) - Quartermaster General's Dept
* Central Multi-Accommodation Management and Booking Aid (MAMBA)
* Annual Support

Royal Air Force Cottesmore (Lincs)
* Central Multi-Accommodation Management and Booking Aid (MAMBA)
* Annual Support

Royal Air Force Cranwell (Lincs)
* Central Multi-Accommodation Management and Booking Aid (MAMBA)
* Annual Support

Royal Air Force Marham (Norfolk)
* Central Multi-Accommodation Management and Booking Aid (MAMBA)
* Annual Support

Gael Transport - (Glasgow)
* CRIS Db (Combined R&D Information System) for Stock In/out Control in a Warehouse. The MD wrote in December 2005:
"Can I just say that the whole database has worked wonderfully for us and although I moved the goalposts on many occasions it has evolved into exactly what we wanted. You have done a fantastic job , and very patiently , and I will continue to tell all and sundry about the service we received from you"

StudentForce - (Oakham, Rutland)
* EGRIS (Enhanced Graduate Resource Integrated System) for automating, with web interfaces, the Graduate Registration and Project Creation Processes and subsequently allowing Graduates to Upload CV's and Express interests in uploaded projects on line. The impresssive part of this holistic system is the use of advanced .NET web Services (designed in association with Steve of which allow the Graduate, Interests and Client Project definition data from the web to be automatically downloaded into the Office database on the hour every hour without human intervention or the use of csv files. The system also automatically sends emails to those who need to know that data has changed.

Huntingdon Freemen's Charity (Huntingdon) - Sep 07
* Total upgrade of existing database and assistance with data migration from 'rough' and inconsistent data sources.
* Annual Support / Professional database advice

The Mortgage Line (St Neots) - Oct/Nov 07
* CIMBA - Consolidated Independent Mortgage Bureau Aid - A Mailshot database containing all Brokers and Customers for rapid Office use and a powerful, flexible SMTP .NET mailshot engine that deals with letters, emails and labels in batches as required by system limitations.

Current Projects:
On LabMIS - to incorporate an automatic OnePay system for employees pay.
On MoD databases - incorporating DII(F) compatibility

Annual Support + Remote Access are parts of our support services


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